Thai Work Permit Requirements

Thai Work Permit Requirements

There are currently new rules when applying for a work permit in Thailand. The requirements for the Thai Work Permit now requires the following when applying for a new work permit or renew your current work permit. The rules appear to vary from location to location so speak to a lawyer as to what is applicable at the time of application. Think of this as the current guide for 2013 as the rules do change often.

  • You need to provide proof of their Education Certificate (Degree + Transcripts);
  • Photo sizes was changed from 5cm x 6 cm now it is 3cm x 4 cm;
  • Photo may not be older than 6 months from date of application;
  • Medical has changed as they want to know and test for the following:
  1. – That you are medically fit;
  2. – Your blood type (new for 2013);
  3. – That you don’t have advanced syphilis (was new in 2007);
  • Map to your office location.


There are also a list of new forms with the new rules and these are attached below.

  • WP 1.: new application for a Thai work permit;
  • WP 5.: extension of your Thai work permit;
  • WP 6.: changes to your work permit, such as adding a company, change in job title.

The WP1 form is listed below. Also ensure that you are not applying for a job which is prohibited in Thailand for a foreigner. Speak to us online for more information about your profession or business in Thailand. Please note, that even if you are married to a Thai this does not mean that you have a right to work in Thailand or that you do not need a degree to apply for a work permit. Your marriage to a Thai gives you no advantage.