Work Permit Documents (New + Renew)

Thai Work Permit Documents

The following are the basic documents that you will need for a work permit in Thailand. You will note that we have already listed prohibited occupations in Thailand and being a barman or farmer is on there. As for being a DJ that would be mainly large hotels who do employ short term (3 month) DJ’s from time to time but it is few and very far between. Also note that we listed the requirements for a work permit being the basic and not the full list of documents needed. Work permit rules do change in Thailand so check for any updates with a lawyer in Thailand.

    1. You must have a non-immigrant visa (B Visa or O Visa);
    2. You must having the knowledge/skills to perform the job;
    3. You must be sane and not mentally ill;
    4. Clear criminal record from your home country; (teaching jobs)
    1. Application Form with 3 (3 x 4 cm.) recent photo’s;
    2. Passport and a copy of all pages in the passport;
    3. Copy of your education certificates and resume;
    4. A copy of profession license; (Teachers License);
    5. Medical certificate;
    6. Map showing the location of your company/school;

Supported Documents as category of employer

  • 1. Company
    1. Copy of the Thai Company Registration on your work permit;
    2. Copy of VAT Registration form Phor Por 01 of the business;
    3. Copy of company license – for example Factory License, Restaurant License;
    4. A copy of Social Security Payments made;
  • 2. Private school teacher / Private University.
    1. Copy of employment contract + university has to show certificate from MOE;
    2. A copy of teacher license;
    3. A copy of the license of the school;
    4. Copy of educational certificate.
  • 3. Government organization / Teacher of government school
    1. A certificate letter from the government Ministry of Education and school;
    2. In case of teacher of government school, a copy of teacher license.