Work Permit Documents (New + Renew)

Work Permit Documents (New + Renew)

Thai Work Permit Documents

Thai Work Permit Documents

To work overseas is a great opportunity. It offers new experiences, new knowledge, new views which you will surely bring along with you as you go on to the future. 

But working overseas is not that easy. Being hired by a company is not enough for you to work legally overseas. There are long processes before you even get the chance to legally work somewhere else. Especially if you decide to work or you got hired by a company in Thailand.

Thailand, like any other country, is very strict when it comes to a foreigner working on their premises. They would require you to have documents that legalize your stay with the purpose of working in Thailand like a Non-immigrant visa B and a Thai work permit.

If ever that you are one of a future foreigner working or is already a foreign employee in Thailand wanting and needing guidance in what Thailand work permit documents (new/renew) are needed, then you have come to the right place.

Thai Work Permit

The Thailand Work Permit is one of the most crucial documents that a foreigner working in Thailand needs to work legally. It serves as proof that you are a documented foreign worker in Thailand and serves as your profile detailing personal information as a foreign worker in Thailand.

Without any work permit in Thailand, the foreign worker might face serious illegal cases and might face imprisonment depending on the offense that was done. 

It is highly suggested to assess yourself as a future foreign worker or a foreign employee to follow Thailand laws, and apply for a Thai work permit if working in Thailand for your own good.

See the Thai Work Permit Requirements page.

Thai Work Permit Documents

Know that in order to for you to be granted a Thai work permit, both you, as a newly hired foreigner, and the company, that hired you, have responsibilities and documents to present to the Ministry of Labour or Labor Department for you to obtain the Thai work permit. 

Documents to Bring by Newly Hired Foreigner

Listed below are the documents that you will bring as a newly hired foreign employee. Know that the original documents that you are to bring shall be signed copies. 

  • Departure Card TM.6
  • Certificates or Licenses
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Non-Immigrant visa B with a Signed Copy
  • Passport with Signed Copies of Every Page
  • University or College Degree with transcripts
  • Medical Certificate issued in the last 30 days
  • 3 photos (5×6 cm) taken in the last 6 months
  • Marriage certificate, if married to a Thai national

Note: Some Thai immigration agents may request Thai translated documents.

Documents to Bring by Newly Hired Foreigner

Listed below are the documents that the Thai company or the new employer will bring. Know that the documents below shall be stamped with the company seal, and managing directors and directors are to sign beside it.

  • VAT filings Phor Phor 30
  • VAT certificate Phor Phor 20
  • Social Security payment filings
  • Withholding Tax form Phor Ngor Dor 
  • Company Registration Department Certificate
  • Factory License (if applicable), issued by the Ministry of Industry’s Factory Department.
  • A list of the company’s shareholders, certified by the Commercial Registration Department
  • Position, job description, compensation, and contract period are all stated in the employment contract.

Process of Applying for New Thai Work Permit

You or your employer must apply for a Thailand Work Permit at the Ministry of Labour after acquiring your Non-Immigrant (Work) Visa and coming to Thailand.

Both you and your employer must have the relevant documentation indicated above to support the application. Before your visa expires and you begin working, you must submit a work permit application.

The Ministry of Labour will handle your work permit after you’ve submitted your application. And once your application has been approved, you must return to the Ministry of Labour to acquire your work permit and complete the necessary paperwork.

Renewal of Thai Work Permit

A renewal of the Thai work permit is needed for you to continue working in Thailand. You might face deportation, imprisonment and get fined if you don’t.

Documents to Bring for Renewal of Thai Work Permit

Listed below are the documents that a foreign employee must bring to renew a Thai work permit:

  • Passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Non-Immigrant Visa B
  • Present Thai Work Permit
  • Map showing your working place
  • University or College Degree with transcripts
  • NGO’s Letter and the Thai government’s letter
  • Mission’s Letter and the Thai government’s letter
  • A tax certificate showing your registration in Thailand and serves as proof that you have paid your personal income tax.


Listed below are the documents that a Thai company or foreign employer must bring to renew a Thai work permit of the foreign employer:

  • Thai Business License 
  • Copy of Social Security payments 
  • VAT Registration form Phor Por 01 
  • Thai company Registration on your work permit 

Renewal Process of Thai Work Permit

You must first renew your stay in Thailand before you may renew your work permit. This can be done either within Thailand or outside of Thailand, at a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country that you are in.

In the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate, you must give copies of the documents required including your work permit, a new reference letter from your employer/company, the company’s registration paperwork, and financial/tax records.

You must report to the Thai immigration police every 90 days if you have a long-term stay extension. Holders of one-year non-immigrant multiple entry visas can simply cross the border into another country before returning to Thailand to extend their stay.

Thai Work Permit Fees

The cost of the Thai work permit depends on how long the validity of the Thai work permit is. However, the application or form itself is THB 100.

To give you an idea of much obtaining a Thai work permit costs, refer to the prices below:

  • 3-month validity costs THB 750
  • 3 to 6 months validity THB 1,500
  • 6 to 12 months (1 year) validity THB 3,100
  • Renewal of Thai work permit costs THB 3,100


Other Thai work permit Fees:

  • Replacement of a Thai work permit costs THB 500
  • Changing or Adding Job Description costs THB 1,000
  • Changing or Adding of Employer costs THB 3,000
  • Changing or Adding of place or location of work costs THB 1,000
  • Changing or Adding other Descriptions costs THB 150
  • Suspension of Thai work permit costs THB 100

Check the list of Prohibited Occupations in Thailand page.

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